Farmex assists farmers in better decision making.
The most comprehensive platform for you and your farmers to bloom.

A simple, lightweight application on an Android smartphone allows both farmers and agro entrepreneurs to access the platform. Agro entrepreneurs are digitally trained agents, who are trusted community brokers and can work as individuals or can be linked to an institution, e.g. – farmer cooperative. 

Signing up is easy and is done within minutes of downloading Farmex — a farmer is enrolled by capturing  critical data points at baseline. We get to know everything about the farmer, farm, soil, risk and financial standing of the farmers. This serves as foundational data, which, when integrated with industry and crop agronomy data, our computational algorithm enables Farmex to generate farmer-specific, crop-specific recommendations. 

The big data extracted from industry and agronomy is coupled with micro data from farms and is instrumental in simplifying farming practices. The recommendations not only deliver precise intelligence, but also the right inputs that can be purchased through the embedded marketplace on Farmex.

Farmex supports smallholders with soil analysis, nutrient analysis, risk assessment, risk management and more. It provides smart and best fit, real-time advice according to climate, as well as market needs. It hosts a marketplace of high quality sustainable input products.

In essence, everything a smallholder farmer needs to bloom.


Soil health and nutrient management is an essential part of sustainable agriculture. The fertility loss due to unmindful application of fertilizers and/or chemicals is a big concern for smallholder farmers and therefore, managing it is very critical. The soil health and nutrient replenishment needs to be managed in a sustainable way to ensure enhanced yield and income for smallholder farmers.

Using an inexpensive soil-testing device, we capture soil and nutrient parameters, which guides the farmer on the current nutrient availability. Based on the nutrient availability, the farmer is recommended an ideal mix of micro and macro nutrients that need to be applied to the soil.

To further increase climate resilience and sustainability, we are in the process of implementing real time geo-spatial data to monitor and microclimate data to predict local environmental conditions, enabling the platform to dynamically react to changes.


Our Advisory engine marries the best of local, traditional knowledge with the latest agronomical and ecological research to help farmers cultivate their crops in a way that achieves the best attainable yields, while preserving the health of the soil and the environment for future generations.

This means that Farmex will work with planning of every crop in every plausible climate.

Farmex provides a crop based portfolio management to ensure a better ROI on crops at a lower risk. It is a decision making tool which assists farmers to make the right decision on the type of seeds to use, fertilizer to apply, how to manage pest & disease attacks for better crop health management

Advisory for crop, algorithms enable smallholders to do climate smart precision agriculture on the smallest plot of land, anywhere in the world.

Farmex understands the needs plants based on the DNA of the crop selected for crop planning and the soil testing of the land, factoring in climate and seasons.

Choose the best fit seeds for your land in the seed section of the Portfolio advisory module which provides recommendation on the best seed and seed variety for your land.

Plan your essential activities in the plan section of the Portfolio module which provides recommendation on the best activity and cultivation practices based on your crop selection and land type.

Make critical proactive decisions by leveraging the preventive section of the Portfolio module which provides product and activity recommendations on the best crop pest and disease preventive measures pertaining to the seed, land and climate factors.

Ensure the quality and standards of your crop by leveraging the nurture section of the Portfolio module which provides product recommendations for the best fit fertilizers, to be applied to the land as per the plan of seed, land, climate and preventive measures.


Farmex’s comprehensive risk assessment generates reliable information on smallholders. This helps previously data-less farmers access insurance and credit, and start on a path of growth. Farmex makes an exhaustive assessment of the risks that farmers face. Our evaluation, combined with each farm’s detailed transaction history, provides data and insights for financial institutions that help them extend services to smallholders 

Farmex assists farmers in recognizing their risk, mitigating it by providing the right advisory. We also assist in monitoring risk through the farmer compliance to advisory and transferring the risk through better credit and insurance products. Farmex provides actionable recommendations in accordance with the survey, the score history and purchase history and recommendations for the future.


Smallholder farmers are heavily dependent on their network of intermediaries and lack direct access to high quality, sustainable inputs and markets (to sell produce as well as insights into real time demand and pricing for their produce)

Choose your Input

Based on farm advisory, and recommendations of Farmex’s Portfolio module, farmers can choose high quality inputs at competitive prices, through our embedded input marketplace.

Choose your Buyer

We assist farmers in uploading quality, quantity & value of the crop, thus matchmaking with the appropriate buyer. Farmex assists farmers to sell their produce. We have a Spot Trade module which matches with buyers readily available to procure the produce. We also have a Future Trade module which builds the forecasted yield for on-board buyers, who would be interested in securing this produce at a premium rate and quality assurance.

We thank our partners for their unwavering support.